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I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) who has been practicing for 20 years, and have been licensed by the state of California for the last 16 years. Graduating from UCLA with a degree in Social Welfare prepared me for treating a wide range of socio-emotional issues. As a social worker, I am trained to look at the whole person in their environment.

The following are areas where in which I have expertise and/or experience.

RELATIONSHIPS: I have extensive experience in working with adults experiencing relationship issues and in particular, women who seek to have better relationships with men.
TRAUMA: I am trained, and currently am completing my certification, in EMDR and believe that this therapy technique is extremely helpful in treating all types of trauma.
STRESS/ANXIETY: I have worked as a stress reduction instructor for 8 years and have seen how illness and physical illness are deeply connected to emotional issues, anxiety, and stressors. My expertise in the mind-body connection informs the way I practice as a therapist. I will work with you to find the root of stressful and anxious thoughts.
ISSUES RELATED TO DIVERSITY, CULTURE and CHALLENGES RELATED TO THE EXPERIENCES OF PEOPLE OF COLOR: I am a second generation Latina who understands diversity issues and challenges.
OTHER AREAS IN WHICH I AM EXPERIENCED: Depression, Parenting Issues, Parental Stress, Narcissistic Parent Trauma, Fertility and Late Age Pregnancy/Motherhood, Women’s Issues, Work-Related Stress, Christian perspective
POPULATIONS SERVED: Adults, couples and families.

I can be reached at 323-856-1698.
Email: breatheintherapy@gmail.com

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